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If you have assets or money, it’s important to plan for how you can continue satisfying your needs without compromising your present and future lifestyle. You’ll also need to consider how you want to pass these ion when you die, to make sure your wishes are followed and the taxes due on your estate are minimised.

In conjunction with our partners we can give you peace of mind with lifetime and estate planning, and specialise in:


Sheltering savings, investments, life policies or assets into a trust can play an important role in estate planning, as this can minimise tax liabilities of your beneficiaries. A trust can also ensure your assets go to the right people, at the right time. In conjunction with our partners the expert estate planners will discuss the best way to mitigate inheritance tax and ensure your wishes are followed. If this includes a trust, we can oversee the process and paperwork necessary to establish this and ensure its compliance with HMRC regulations.


Everyone should have a will, but this becomes particularly important if you have dependents or if there’s likely to be any dispute over your assets after you die. A properly drawn up will can make your wishes clear and ensure there’s no room for challenge. Here at Hanberry & Co we take time to get to know you and understand your wishes, both in terms of your finance and assets, and specifically any provisions you wish to make for children under 18, then will write your will to make your intentions clear.

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