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Everyone would like to minimise the amount of tax they pay. Fortunately, there are many legitimate opportunities for individuals and businesses to reduce the amount of tax they’re liable for – however to take advantage of these, it’s vital to take expert advice to avoid making mistakes. Don’t let the fear of the consequences of paying too little tax lead you into paying too much.

Here at Hanberry & Co, we offer expert tax planning services for business and individuals, including:

Tax planning for companies & organisations

If you trade through a limited company, there are a range of measures you can put in place to legitimately minimise your tax liability, while planning effectively for the tax you do have to pay. We’ll explore areas where you might be able to save corporation tax or extract money from the company tax more efficiently. If your business forms part of your retirement plans, we can also explore how pension vehicles such as Small Self-Administered Schemes (SSAS) or Self-Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPP) could be beneficial.

Tax advice for individuals

Identifying areas where you may be wasting tax and advising you on ways to become more tax-efficient could save you significant amounts of money in the long term. Our expert advisers can also scan the horizon for upcoming changes in tax law that could affect you, and advise you on planning strategies to mitigate the effects. Whether it’s your retirement planning or using tax-efficient savings vehicles, we can ensure you only pay as much tax as you should.

Tax investigations

If you’ve received a tax investigation letter from HMRC, it’s important to get expert support as quickly as possible. It’s also important not to panic – while HMRC can carry out tax investigations if it has specific concerns about your business, it might also be a random check. Contact us here at Hanberry & Co for a quick response. We’ll be able to check whether you’re going to be subject to a full tax investigation or are simply being asked for more information. We can also help you collate and provide the necessary information to HMRC, and ensure they do not prolong the investigation unnecessarily. If required, we can also support you to negotiate a final settlement and time to pay anything you owe.

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